The Regional Center provides comprehensive support for enterprises in Krasnoyarsk region on standardization, certification, obtaining permits, testing innovative products, metrological support, training and assessing the qualifications of specialists in the innovation sphere and graduates of higher educational institutions.


The center operates in a "single window" mode, which allows innovators to receive a full range of services to promote innovative products to the market.

The main goals of the Center are:

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- assistance in the formation of basic regulatory and technical instruments focused on the subjects of innovation and aimed at creating high-quality, safe, and competitive new products;

- risks minimization of innovation subjects activity and creation of preferential conditions for innovative products when purchasing goods and services within the framework of regional and state orders.

The Regional Center has been operating for the benefit of innovative enterprises and organizations in the region to develop and produce new products, as well as regional development institutions and regional innovation clusters.

Regional Center services:

- development of instruments on standardization (national and interstate standards, standards of organizations, including technical specifications);

- development of the technical level of innovative products and cards;

- development of standards for "green" products;

- carrying out a carbon footprint assessment;

- development and validation of tests and measurement methods;

- production certification: nanoindustry, "green" and / or innovative;

- certification of management systems

- independent evaluation of the qualifications of technical regulation experts in the nanotechnology industry and ensuring safety in production;

- certification of real estate objects for compliance with "green" standards;

- certification of graduates of higher educational institutions in the field adjacent to the nanotechnology industry professional standards;

- providing information from the map of regulatory and technical competencies in the nano-industry.

Certificates are issued by the system of voluntary certification of products nanotechnology industry "NANOCERTIFICA" (registration number ROSS RU.I750.04NZH02 from 14.09.2015), and are proof of the stated characteristics (degree of innovation, environmental friendliness, safety). According to the results of certification the company receives an objective assessment of federal experts, but using the resources of the Regional Center without significant cost, at the same time, for the region this is a transition to a new level in the field of checking the quality characteristics and the acquisition by the organization and the products themselves of certain statuses in the field of innovation and ecology, taking into account high requirements, which is very important when entering the market both for new products and for promoting existing products.


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